Monday, October 18, 2010


So there is this guy who was a very regular customer of mine when I worked overnights. He would come in, I would remember his name, we would chit-chat. He thought he was pretty sexy with his shirt unbuttoned and his leather cowboy hat and ponytail, but our chats were friendly and quite harmless.

Fast-forward a few months later, when I had come off of days and was covering a leave at my old store. He came in, I helped him, and he told me about an injury that his daughter had sustained, hence the reason he was there. There was a question of whether it was more serious than a simple injury, and tests and assessment were to follow. I gave him my good wishes, and he left. A couple of days later, he comes in with his wife, whom I had never met. I see them finish up at the counter, and as they walk away past the consultation window, I say, "Hey, how is your daughter?" Wife looks at me, her eyes wide, then looks at her husband and her eyes narrow. Ooookay. He mumbles, "She's fine," and they walk off.

Um, I don't know what kind of extracurricular activities of his that she was used to dealing with, but I most certainly was NOT one of them...just your friendly neighborhood pharmacist. He came in on my shift a couple times after that, and out of extreme awkwardness, I always made sure I was way too busy to even make eye contact with him. Thank goodness I have switched stores and don't have to deal with that again.


  1. it always works that way, doesn't it? try to be nice, and it ends up being foot-in-mouth.

  2. I've put my foot in my mouth so many times at work I can't count the number of times. But I do wonder what that was about. Weird!

  3. His wife must have thought you were after her "prize:.