Monday, August 2, 2010

Worker's Comp!!!

I used to work overnights, and we would get some...uh...interesting people in there at the wee hours of the morning. At 4am, this beautiful girl, probably in her twenties, came in and wanted a recommendation for back pain. She was wearing a Pink jogging suit, had tons of makeup on, false eyelashes, and I think I saw a little glitter on her. Her shiny brunette hair was down to her butt, and she had huge boobs. She was gorgeous. (Aside: I'm not attracted to women, but I can objectively say that she was a pretty little thing.)

So I walked with her over to the pain relievers, and began my questions. Taking any meds currently? No, just birth control. Any chronic health conditions or history of ulcers? No. So how did it happen?

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

"I was doing the splits at work and I think I pulled something in my back."

Of course, I remained professional, and helped her choose an anti-inflammatory. I don't remember if she paid me all in singles, but if she did, I know I hit the hand sanitizer pretty heavy after she left.


  1. Reminds me of one of my more interesting consults years ago. I had a young lady who was very attractive, similar make-up, come in to the pharmacy looking for some type of body oil to make her skin glisten without clogging any pores. She was the feature dancer at the gentlemen's club on the other side of the parking lot. I figured out why the store manager took a long time when he was "running to the bank".