Thursday, July 29, 2010

Please Dress Professionally

Today we had CPR class at the district office. I am now able to give immunizations again, a fact for which I'm sure I will be sorry in a month when we start up with the flu extravaganza. The "rule" is that we are to dress professionally at the district office, even though we don't come into contact with any customers. Some of us came dressed up, and some came in jeans or shorts. I don't have a problem with dressing up, but we are doing skills assessment on each other, as well as mannequins, which means getting down on the floor. In my dress pants and shoes. And the shirt I chose to wear was the wrong choice, because everyone got a free show while I was bent over doing chest compressions on the mannequin. Oops. My partner was wearing a dress, so I spent more effort keeping her modest than making sure I could turn her over if she were unconscious. And since they haven't vacuumed the carpet since the office was opened, I left there covered in lint, dirt, and God knows what else all over my black pants. Lesson learned. I'm wearing jeans next time.


  1. Hilarious. I once did the manniquin CPR while staring at the butt of another pharmacist.

    She was an adorably cute, young, recent grad with gorgeous hair. She was also completely unaware that low cut pants go even lower when you bend down like that. At least she wore underwear......

  2. I'm currently in jpre-nursing school and speaking of not knowing how low cut pants can go Texas Pharmacy Chica, I can relate to sitting behind girls who have no clue how much butt crack is really showing. Come on people its a simple gesture to pull your shirt down before you sit down in your chair. Goodness.